The second version of ICF API, it is able to provide users with Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) in Structured Threat Information Expression (STIX) formats.

Moreover, API 2.0 also allows query search using any available field as parameters (Ex. Crypto Address, URL, File Hash, Twitter Handler) and formats in JSON or CSV output. STIX enables organizations to share CTI with one another in a consistent and readable manner.

ICF API V2.0 Wallet Query (STIX output) 

Similar to the Legacy query, users have to provide their API key to execute the query. Users are required to enter both the wallet address and the chain of the wallet they wish to query. Unlike the legacy query, users may enter multiple entries to query multiple wallets. 

Once the query has been executed, users may view it by simply scrolling down. Like the Legacy query before, they are able to download it in a JSON format too. The maximum number of wallet addresses users can query is 1000.