Users can access the ICF API by clicking on the “API Management” words on the top left of the Sentinel Portal. 

Once users have clicked on the button, they would be brought to the API management webpage.

The API Management page has a Product Usage chart which displays the initial credits, credits left and the next credits renewal date for ICF, CARA, and CATV.

The chart also shows the number of calls made for CATV, CARA and ICF during a specified time period. The options for the time period range from Today/Last 7 Days/Last 15 Days and Last 30 days.

Additionally, users may access the API documents by clicking on the highlighted words “API Docs” next to the “Total calls for ICF” title. Users would be able to see it if they click on the left drop-down list and click “ICF”.

On the API Management page, users can access their API key and its details by scrolling down. Here, users are able to copy their API key and view details like its creation and expiry date, initial API credits and API credits remaining. Additionally, they have the ability to replace their API key with a new one, which is irreversible.