Through the report, users are able to view a variety of things which are explained further below:

Type: The type of cryptocurrency (e.g. Ethereum/ERC-20, Bitcoin, etc)

Suspicious TX count: The number of suspicious transactions which the wallet address is involved in.

Suspicious TX amount: The value of cryptocurrencies involved in the suspicious transactions (in this case, 90 ETH).

Verdict: The most important aspect of the report. The verdict of CARA determines whether the wallet is safe, suspicious, highly suspicious or malicious. The verdict is based on the TRDB results and analytics summary, but the former takes precedence.

Machine-Learning Transaction Analytics Results: A summary of the risk score, verdict, a brief explanation of the risk score of the wallet address and an elaboration of the risk scoring system. 0-15 means that the wallet is low risk, 16-30 indicates medium risk, 31-50 implies high risk and lastly, 51 and above means that the wallet carries extremely high risk.

Static Analytic Results (TRDB): The status of the wallet address in the TRDB. It could range from unverified, graylist, whitelist or blacklist.

Malicious activities: Details such as other blacklisted wallets the wallet had contact with, transactions hashes related to swift fund movements and high value transactions and more such activities it was involved with is published under here.

If users wish to download the report, there is an option to export the report as a PDF document. This can be done by clicking on the “Export as PDF” button on the top right of the webpage.

Users of the CARA can also view the wallet address on the respective wallet explorer on the web or the Crypto Analysis Transaction Visualization (CATV) by clicking on the respective buttons next to the wallet address in the report details section.