Users can access the CARA tool by clicking on the “Risk Analytics” words on top of the Sentinel Portal.

Once users have clicked on the button, they would be brought to the CARA webpage.

The CARA simply requires users to input the cryptocurrency wallet address they wish to analyze and obtain a risk score of, then proceed to click on the ‘submit’ button. However, please take note that as of now, CARA only supports Ethereum wallet addresses.

Once a wallet address has been submitted, the CARA will take a few moments to analyze and compile a report on the wallet address. The time taken to analyze the wallet ranges from a few seconds up to six to seven minutes, depending on the number of transactions the wallet is involved in. Users can track the status of the availability of the report under the ‘Submission List’.

Users will be able to view the report the moment the report availability status is ‘released’.

In cases where users would like to re-analyze a wallet address (especially after some transactions have taken place on the wallet after the first analysis), they are advised to enable the “Force Re-analysis” checkbox next to the submit button before attempting to re-analyze the wallet address.