If users wish to do so, they can edit the settings of the UPPward browser extension by clicking on the cogwheel icon at the top right corner.

General Settings

Under the General Settings tab, users are able to disable and enable the UPPward active protection and Twitter Filter whenever they wish to. Users are advised to be extra cautious if they wish to disable them. 

Whitelist Settings

Users can alter the settings of the whitelist alert. They could choose whether to disable or enable the alert appearing, the display time and font size of the alert. Additionally, they can edit the colour of the alert itself.

Blacklist Settings

Users could change the way UPPward blocks blacklisted sites from the traditional red overlay to a redirection instead.

Users can also choose to enable or disable punycode URL block. The punycode URL block is disabled by default, but if it is enabled, UPPward will block any website which contains punycode in its URL.

Privacy settings

In the privacy settings of Uppward, users could decide whether they would want to enable Google Analytics Tracking. Google Analytics is used to help track usage of Uppward’s search feature, and could be toggled on and off by clicking on the slidebar as seen above.