In order to access the search bar, users are required to click on the UPPward browser extension icon. It would be found on the top right corner of your browser together with your other extensions.

Once the icon has been clicked, the search bar would drop down from it.

Users are able to input data such as URLs, domain names, crypto project names (e.g. Sentinel Protocol), crypto wallet addresses, twitter handles (e.g. @cz_binance) and email addresses. The browser extension will then match the patterns input by the users to any corresponding indicators in the TRDB and return the result.

If it is a malicious indicator which is captured in the TRDB, users will see something similar to the picture above. 

Likewise, if it is a whitelisted indicator in the TRDB, users will encounter a result similar to the picture shown above.

If the indicator is not captured in the TRDB, the search bar will simply return a result similar to the picture above.