Please follow the guidelines provided in the report form. Users are highly recommended to describe the incident in as much detail as possible. 

For example:

  • Describe how you could have lost your crypto assets.

  • Describe how you may have found a potentially suspicious website or wallet address.

  • Did you accidentally arrive at a suspicious website?

  • Did you receive a suspicious email?

  • Did you download any suspicious files recently prior to the incident? (Not just .exe files, PDF and doc files can be malicious too.)

In addition to these details, attaching incriminating evidence such as a suspicious file or a screenshot of the malicious content to your case report would go a long way in helping the security analyst to make a decision quickly and easily.


If you are not registered in the Sentinel Portal, but nevertheless want to make a report, providing your email address is highly recommended in case the Sentinels need to contact you for clarification purposes. Email addresses would be not used in any other way.