The UPPward Browser Extension comes with numerous features to protect users. 

First, it has the Active Protection feature. It actively checks the URL the user is accessing and cross-references it to the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) to see whether it is blacklisted or whitelisted. It then notifies the user whether he is visiting a safe or malicious website.

Second, the browser extension allows users to search patterns such as URLs and crypto wallet addresses to check their legitimacy, preventing you from becoming a victim to social media impersonation, phishing sites, and typical crypto scams.. Hence, users can check whether the recipient wallet address is involved in any illicit activities.

Third, it has a Crypto Address highlight feature. UPPward detects and highlights malicious wallet addresses shown on websites in red, labelling them as ‘suspicious’. These wallets must be blacklisted in the TRDB in order to be detected.

Finally, it has a direct link to Sentinel Portal report site to facilitate quick reporting of suspicious websites and other malicious indicators such as wallet and email addresses.